While using an insulin pen is one of the safest and most accurate way to administer insulin, faulty human memory can be a stumbling block for better diabetes management.

A post in the Medical News Bulletin website stated:

Gocap: A Smart Insulin Pen Cap for Better Diabetes Management

Written By: Fiona Wong, PhD

“Diabetes can be managed well if patients are vigilant about monitoring and recording their blood sugar levels, and taking insulin when they need it. Unfortunately, many diabetics do not have access to the resources that can help them effectively manage their disease. As a result, they become non-adherent and are at much higher risk for health complications.”

Gocap: A Smart Insulin Pen Cap for Better Diabetes Management

Interviews have revealed that over a third of diabetics miss their doses at least 3 times a month. Most doctors think that the numbers could be higher. Thanks to smart insulin pen caps like Gocap and InsulCheck, however, the problem of missed doses is now a thing of the past.

Dosing with Confidence

Smart insulin pen caps are the big thing nowadays. As a result, pen users now don’t have to worry about tracking their dosing. The Healthline website post written by Mike Hoskins reveals this good news:

“In recent years, we’ve seen a number of companies developing gadgets to make insulin pens smarter so they can track dosing, share that data and more. Those include Timesulin, the NovoPen Echo smart pen, The Bee, the Gocap from Common Sensing, and Companion Medical’s fully featured InPen under development, backed by Eli Lilly. And most recently, BD announced its own plans for next-gen tech that includes a Bluetooth-enabled smart pen cap. Very cool stuff.

Now, say hello to another similar tool in the works: Insulog, which was publicly announced this week, on Dec. 7, and is gunning for a 2017 launch.”

If you usually miss your insulin doses, isn’t it about time to consider a smart insulin pen cap to help you monitor your dosages? To get more information about insulin pen add-ons, read the related articles on http://insulinpens.com.