Insulin Pens are comfortable, discreet, accurate and user friendly

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Insulin Pen by Visionary Medical Products

Insulin Pen with memory designed by Visionary Medical Products Corporation

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We strive to offer you the best information and reviews on Insulin Pens as well as pen needles, pen insulin and accessories.

For over a decade we designed and developed insulin pens, pen mechanisms, needle-less jet injectors and pens that combine insulin injection with blood glucose monitoring in one pocket-sized device.

We licensed our designs and patents to some of the world’s best known pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. We also won the Dupont Award for design excellence for our PenJet® needle-less jet injector.

Although we are no longer developing devices, we are absolutely evangelical about the benefits of insulin pens. We created this website to help you get reliable information about insulin pens, read reviews and find the best products and companies that provide them.

Our fundamental desire is to help you more conveniently, more comfortably and more discretely manage your’s or a loved one’s diabetes.


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