Insulin Pen Needles Make Diabetes Management Easier and More Comfortable

Insulin Pen Needles Make Diabetes Management Easier and More Comfortable

Comfort, Ease And Accuracy With Insulin Pens And Pen Needles

bd insulin pen needles sizesWhether disposable or reusable, the smaller diameter insulin pen needles makes injecting insulin so much more comfortable. What’s more, the pen itself is discreet, accurate, easier and safer for many diabetics. Thus, the insulin pen,with its assortment of pen needles, is an authentic breakthrough in insulin delivery.

Although the use of syringe is still the most popular method of insulin delivery, more people in the USA are now shifting to easier and more accurate methods. Because of this, insulin pen needles and diabetic pen devices have become extremely popular.. While syringe injection was universally popular, the introduction of insulin pens in the mid-1980’s has drastically changed insulin administration.

Insulin pens provides technology that serves real people. It solves real problems, especially for those who need multiple injections each day. It makes it more comfortable for people who find it difficult to inject themselves using a syringe and insulin vial.

Prior to Injecting

Before you can inject insulin with an insulin pen, you have to follow these steps:

  • Choose insulin pen needles that are compatible with your insulin pen, your body type and injection techniques. Attach it to the pen using a click on or twist on device.
  • Click-ons are usually best for people who have problems with their vision, hearing or dexterity.
  • Dial in your dosage of insulin in your pen.
  • Insert the needle under your skin and into the fatty layer that lies above your muscles.
  • Press a button that releases the insulin into your body. If the dosage is large, this may take some time.

Basic Facts about Insulin Pen Needles

A pen needle is hollow to allow insulin to enter the body. It is attached to a plastic base which the patient or caretaker then attaches to the pen before the actual injection.

  • Today’s pen needles are mass produced on ultra precision machines. They are very smooth and vary according to length (measured in mm) and diameter referred to as gauge or G.
  • The smallest ultra fine pen needle — 4 mm long in 32 gauge — was recently introduced to the world.   The new shorter and thinner needles not only cause less discomfort, but that they are just as effective as other needles in insulin delivery. They are also less threatening to children and other people who suffer from “needle anxiety” or a phobia of needles.
  • Doctors usually recommend that insulin pen needles be discarded after each use, or at the minimum, after one day’s use.
  • Make sure that the pen needles you buy have been tested for compatibility with the insulin pen that you plan to use or already use. Most makers of needles make an effort to design them to fit with most insulin pens or at the minimum, the leading and most popular brands.

Injection Technique

  • Injection technique and body type also affects the choice of needles. If you’re very thin, a shorter needle may be better to make sure it does not penetrate to the muscle. A longer needle may be used, provided that it is inserted at an angle. Longer needles can also be used if you pinch the skin to raise it and then insert the needle.
  • If you are used to inserting the needle at a 90 degree angle, or perpendicular to the injection site, a shorter needle will get the job done quite well.
  • Insulin pen needles are sold separately from pens. A box of 100 pen needles cost less than a box of 100 syringes, so the additional cost of the insulin in pens, compared to vials, is balanced out.

If you are interested in insulin pen needles, you can find what best suits your needs in our Insulin Pens Store.


Smart Insulin Pen Caps for More Effective Diabetes Management

Smart Insulin Pen Caps for More Effective Diabetes Management

While using an insulin pen is one of the safest and most accurate way to administer insulin, faulty human memory can be a stumbling block for better diabetes management.

A post in the Medical News Bulletin website stated:

Gocap: A Smart Insulin Pen Cap for Better Diabetes Management

Written By: Fiona Wong, PhD

“Diabetes can be managed well if patients are vigilant about monitoring and recording their blood sugar levels, and taking insulin when they need it. Unfortunately, many diabetics do not have access to the resources that can help them effectively manage their disease. As a result, they become non-adherent and are at much higher risk for health complications.”

Gocap: A Smart Insulin Pen Cap for Better Diabetes Management

Interviews have revealed that over a third of diabetics miss their doses at least 3 times a month. Most doctors think that the numbers could be higher. Thanks to smart insulin pen caps like Gocap and InsulCheck, however, the problem of missed doses is now a thing of the past.

Dosing with Confidence

Smart insulin pen caps are the big thing nowadays. As a result, pen users now don’t have to worry about tracking their dosing. The Healthline website post written by Mike Hoskins reveals this good news:

“In recent years, we’ve seen a number of companies developing gadgets to make insulin pens smarter so they can track dosing, share that data and more. Those include Timesulin, the NovoPen Echo smart pen, The Bee, the Gocap from Common Sensing, and Companion Medical’s fully featured InPen under development, backed by Eli Lilly. And most recently, BD announced its own plans for next-gen tech that includes a Bluetooth-enabled smart pen cap. Very cool stuff.

Now, say hello to another similar tool in the works: Insulog, which was publicly announced this week, on Dec. 7, and is gunning for a 2017 launch.”

If you usually miss your insulin doses, isn’t it about time to consider a smart insulin pen cap to help you monitor your dosages? To get more information about insulin pen add-ons, read the related articles on

What is Timesulin and How Does It Work with Insulin Pens?

What is Timesulin and How Does It Work with Insulin Pens?

Do you know that a tiny cap designed for most insulin pens can help remind you of your next insulin dose so you don’t have to skip it?

We tend to forget a lot of things everyday. Forgetting things like where you placed your keys, feeding the goldfish, leaving important papers at the office, or even taking your vitamins can be annoying but never life-threatening.

However, it is those repetitive everyday tasks that should be done religiously on time that end up being forgotten, tasks that are so routine and done on autopilot that they take a backseat inside the mind.

What if you forget to keep track of a daily activity that is critical to your health?

For a diabetic, missing an insulin dose can adversely alter their quality of life and expose them to more health risks which include poor coordination, headaches, skin infections, stomach problems, unconsciousness, and even coma. Injecting a double dose of insulin after missing an earlier one can produce the same harmful effect.

For these reasons, John Sjölund, a Type 1 diabetic himself since the age of three, teamed up with Marcel Botha and created Timesulin.

What is Timesulin and How Does It Work with Insulin Pens?



Timesulin is a small cap that fits most brands of insulin pens. It displays the time that has passed since you last administered a dose of insulin. Just replace the original cap of your insulin pen with Timesulin and you don’t have to miss an injection anymore.

Timesulin works with the following brands and models of insulin pens:

Timesulin for Flexpen®

  • Levemir
  • NovoRapid
  • Victoza
  • Protaphane HM (ge)
  • Novolog
  • Novolog Mix 70/30

Timesulin for Solostar®

  • Lantus
  • Apidra

Timesulin for Kwikpen®

  • Humalog
  • Humalog 75/25
  • Humalog 50/50

More than a third of all diabetics skip their doses. Timesulin is a device to help parents, the elderly, and young kids manage diabetes with less worry.

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InsulCheck – A Smart Insulin Pen Add-On for Better Diabetes Control

InsulCheck – A Smart Insulin Pen Add-On for Better Diabetes Control

The introduction of the insulin pen has made insulin administration easier, safer, and more accurate. It is very convenient and easy to carry anywhere. Until recently, what has been lacking in insulin pen technology is the ability to keep a record of the last time you injected yourself. For a long time, you needed to jot the time and amount of insulin used to prevent double dosing. Today, InsulCheck has come up with a smart insulin pen cover that monitors when you last injected yourself with insulin.

Occasionally, you may have asked yourself, “Didn’t I just inject myself 20 minutes ago?” If you’re on a busy schedule and find yourself asking this question more often, then you have to try InsulCheck. Innovation Zed Ltd., an Ireland-based company that markets InsulCheck, claims that the insulin pen add-on device can help you avoid the danger of double injections.

According to the InsulCheck website, the smart insulin pen cover is a real product created out of personal necessity.

“Like many genuine innovations, InsulCheck was born from personal experience. It was set up in 2009 by founders John Hughes and William Cirillo. John has Type 1 diabetes and is insulin-dependent. He suffered a hypo-glycaemic event and was hospitalised because he double injected by mistake. As he negotiated his recovery, he began to think about how he can make sure he and fellow patients with diabetes would not find themselves in this position again. The concept was born there and then.”

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InsulCheck insulin pen coversInsulCheck eliminates the doubt and worry that insulin pen users have as it provides an added layer of protection in diabetes management. With a light pen cover that digitally displays the time since the last insulin injection, diabetics and their families can now feel more secure.

By letting you know when you last injected, InsulCheck helps you avoid the risk of double dosing. And in case tells you that you have missed an injection, you’ll still be able to catch up and therefore have better management of your diabetes.

Benefits of InsulCheck Insulin Pen Covers also provides more information about the device’s features.

“Benefits of InsulCheck for the person with diabetes

  • Every InsulCheck has a large clearly readable display that shows the time since last injection. This means this vital information is easy to access quickly and discreetly.
  • As a very light, small add-on, it will add no extra weight or bulk to your existing pen.
  • The InsulCheck unit only triggers when the injection is completed. This makes sure the most accurate information only is recorded and no false triggering is registered.
  • Once a fully completed injection has been administered you will see flashing confirmation in the form of a green light.
  • The InsulCheck product provides an additional and firm grip while you inject. Whether you are a younger, recently diagnosed person with diabetes or are in your later years, this can make your injections that bit easier.
  • InsulCheck works with most insulin pens on the market and can be used on both disposable and reusable pens.
  • And remember, there is no change to your existing schedule. InsulCheck triggers the timer automatically so there is no change to the injection process. InsulCheck is just about giving peace-of-mind and confidence in knowing you are injecting as you should be. No new buttons, no extra work, just more security.”

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Insulin pen technology has come up with a lot of modern innovations to provide insulin users a better quality of life. Go to to know more about how the insulin pen can help you improve the control of your diabetes.

Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen®

Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen®

Novo Nordisk has recently launched its latest line of prefilled insulin pens called the Next Generation FlexPen®. The new insulin delivery device builds upon the excellent standards found in the original FlexPen® with more benefits for diabetic patients. The latest features are based on feedback sent by patients and doctors who are currently using a Novo Nordisk insulin pen.

Features of Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen®


Besides the high standard features of the conventional FlexPen, the New Generation FlexPen® has come up with new features.

The Next Generation FlexPen® eliminates the inconvenience of loading insulin into the delivery device. It is a prefilled insulin delivery device which provides accurate insulin doses – from one unit increments up to 60 units per injection.

The Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen® comes with a dose-setting mechanism for safe and precise insulin doses. The device allows dose correction without insulin loss. It also features a dose scale which resets to zero automatically after every dose delivery to enable visual confirmation of insulin injection.

The Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen® Quick Guide


Below is a Quick Guide YouTube video from the Novo Nordisk website which shows diabetes nurse, Sue Cradock providing a step-by-step demonstration of how to use the Next Generation FlexPen®.



Millions of people around the world use the FlexPen® everyday. To understand more about the Novo Nordisk FlexPen® and other types of insulin pens, visit for more information.