insulin pens for diabetic petsInsulin pens for diabetic pets are made more available, thus concerned owners are now provided a quicker, more convenient and accurate way to administer insulin to their furry friends.

Finding out that your cherished pet is suffering from diabetes can deal a devastating blow. However, with the help of insulin pens and modern diabetes management methods, combined with the proper diet and exercise, your pet can live a good and happy life.

All mammals with pancreas can suffer from diabetes. That includes you, your pet dog or pet cat or even pet pig. Just like people, your pet can either produce too little insulin or cannot utilize the insulin that it is able to produce. Some female pets even develop diabetes when pregnant. In fact about one out of every 500 dogs and cats develop diabetes.

Symptoms of Pet Diabetes


Have your pet checked by the vet if it pees and drinks more frequently than usual, loses weight
despite a good appetite, sleeps a lot and seems to be always tired. These are the common
symptoms of diabetes for both cats and dogs. Cats also develop weak and wobbly legs and their appetite becomes three times stronger that normal. Fortunately a simple blood test is all that’s needed to confirm if your pet is diabetic or not.

The Benefits of Insulin Pens for Diabetic Pets


You need to talk to the vet about lifestyle changes—diet, exercise and medication—for diabetic
pets. A diabetic pet usually needs insulin shots to keep its blood glucose stable and prevent it
from seesawing up or down. Very high glucose levels or hyperglycemia can damage tissues,
nerves and even organs such as kidneys and pancreas. Very low glucose levels or hypoglycemia can lead to insulin shock and even death.

Why Choose Insulin Pens for Diabetic Pets?


It is important to discuss what kind and how much insulin your pet needs, where you should
inject the insulin and how to do it with the least amount of risk and maximum benefit to your
pet and you. The advantages of insulin pens for diabetic pets are true for both people and pets—ease, comfort
and accuracy. Insulin pens are also safer to use than a syringe and insulin vial, especially when
your pet finds injections painful or frightening and tries to resist or escape.

Don’t put down a pet just because it has diabetes. Your diabetic pet can have a good life, with you by its side, if it gets the right food, regular exercise and correct medication. And you, you can continue to enjoy its company, loyalty and unconditional love.


Your vet is the best source of advice on the type of insulin pens for diabetic pets that’s right for diabetes management.