One of the major concerns for diabetics particularly in emergency situations such as a power failure is insulin storage. Keeping insulin cool can be a nightmare when there is no refrigeration during power failure. Power in calamity-hit areas can be out for days, as in the case of a strong hurricane. Many diabetics in these areas could go for days without insulin because there is no electricity to keep their insulin cool due to power outage.

In the event of electrical failure and other emergencies, diabetes sufferers can look forward to their scheduled insulin doses with the help of cooler packs. Insulin pens, medications and other supplies can be kept cool in insulin cooler packs, travel pouches and small cooler chests. However, they may be best for short term storage only. This means insulin can be kept in cool storage from a few hours up to maybe a week.

In this YouTube video, author Mrs. Crosby, a diabetic, talks about how to store insulin and keep it cool. She describes the different pouches and cooler packs she uses as well as their features.

Best Insulin Storage Pouches and Packs

Cooler pouches and packs are the best insulin storage for your medication when you need to travel and times of emergency. One thing to consider about insulin storage pouches is their portability. They are light, which allow you to travel and carry your insulin wherever you have to go. They can be of valuable help in times of calamity and emergencies where electricity can be out for days.

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