Novo Nordisk has recently launched its latest line of prefilled insulin pens called the Next Generation FlexPen®. The new insulin delivery device builds upon the excellent standards found in the original FlexPen® with more benefits for diabetic patients. The latest features are based on feedback sent by patients and doctors who are currently using a Novo Nordisk insulin pen.

Features of Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen®


Besides the high standard features of the conventional FlexPen, the New Generation FlexPen® has come up with new features.

The Next Generation FlexPen® eliminates the inconvenience of loading insulin into the delivery device. It is a prefilled insulin delivery device which provides accurate insulin doses – from one unit increments up to 60 units per injection.

The Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen® comes with a dose-setting mechanism for safe and precise insulin doses. The device allows dose correction without insulin loss. It also features a dose scale which resets to zero automatically after every dose delivery to enable visual confirmation of insulin injection.

The Novo Nordisk Next Generation FlexPen® Quick Guide


Below is a Quick Guide YouTube video from the Novo Nordisk website which shows diabetes nurse, Sue Cradock providing a step-by-step demonstration of how to use the Next Generation FlexPen®.



Millions of people around the world use the FlexPen® everyday. To understand more about the Novo Nordisk FlexPen® and other types of insulin pens, visit for more information.