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NovoPen Junior for Children with Diabetes

Children with diabetes require special attention where insulin delivery is concerned, and Novo Nordisk is dedicated to dealing with it. For this reason, they have developed NovoPen Junior, an insulin pen designed for diabetic children and teenagers.

NovoPen Junior for Children with Diabetes

Efficient Insulin Administration for Children with Diabetes


In the United States, children with diabetes are given insulin injections using syringe. In other countries, insulin pens are more commonly used than syringes. Compared to syringes and vials, insulin pens are more convenient to use and offer more dosing accuracy. While these pens can be easily used by kids, parents should insert the insulin vials for smaller children. Older children can handle dosing without any problem.

NovoPen Junior is part of Novo Nordisk’s complete diabetes management system developed particularly for teens and children with diabetes. Efficient insulin administration will allow the user more freedom to play their favorite sports, hang out with friends, go on trips, and other activities. NovoPen Junior insulin pens are not just good-looking; they are very easy to use as well.

How Children with Diabetes Can Benefit from NovoPen Junior


1. Extremely accurate dosage

Precisely tune small doses with half-unit dose increments on a state-of-the-art insulin delivery device

2. Attractive design

NovoPen Junior comes in a fashionable and attractive designs that will appeal to young users

3. Easy identification

NovoPen Junior comes in two color designs. This makes it more convenient to distinguish two different insulin types

4. Simple operation

Just dial the dose required, stick in the pen needle, and push the button.

5. Durable construction

NovoPen Junior comes with an extremely sturdy and superior metal construction.

6. Adaptable

The Penfill 3ml cartridges allow you to have access to the entire selection of Novo Nordisk insulins.

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For children and adults who are afraid of needles, Novo Nordisk manufactures the NovoPen PenMate which conceals the needle during the injecting process. If self-injection is too uncomfortable or difficult, the NovoPen Junior with the PenMate can make injection easier for both adults and children with diabetes.



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