The Food and Drug Administration is reminding hospitals and health care professionals not to allow two or more patients to share a single insulin pen. While the needles can be changed after each patient’s use, sharing an insulin pen can expose patients to greater risks of hepatitis or HIV.

In this video uploaded by USFoodandDrugAdmin on their YouTube channel, the FDA emphasizes the risks involved in insulin pen sharing as well as the safety rules in using insulin pens.



How to Use an Insulin Pen Safely


Here’s an excerpt from the video’s narration:

Here are some of FDA’s recommendations for the safe use of insulin pens.

• Remember that insulin pens containing multiple doses are meant for only one patient, and should not be shared between patients.

• Label the insulin pen with the patient’s name and other identifiers, but be sure that this doesn’t obstruct the dosing window or other product information.

• Eject and discard the needle after each use and attach a new needle for each new injection.

• Tell patients to never share their insulin pens with another person, because this could result in transmission of hepatitis or other blood-borne diseases.

• Remember that the same risk may exist with any multiple-dose injector device, not just insulin pens.

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