Two types of insulin pens are being sold on the market today: disposable insulin pens and reusable insulin pens. While these pens offer a lot of advantages over syringes and bottled insulin, each type of pen provides specific benefits for the user.

Which Insulin Pen is Right for You?

BD reusable insulin pensWhether you’re using either a disposable or reusable insulin pen, it is critical to know how much insulin you need at any particular time, and just how precise your dosage has to be.

Insulin pens can deliver incremental doses of one-half, one, or two units. Maximum dose from a single injection can range from 21 up to 80 units.

Children, for instance, may require a pen that administers incremental half-unit doses of insulin for mealtime. If you take a daily injection of long-acting basal, you’ll require an insulin pen that can deliver a larger dose.

Features of Reusable Insulin Pens

Reusable insulin pens use replaceable cartridges that are sold separately. The Pen will last for several years, the cartridges are replaced.

Each cartridge holds either 150 or (more commonly) 300 units of insulin. They are most often sold in a box of five cartridges. When the cartridge is empty, you dispose of it and replace it with a new cartridge.

Depending on how much insulin you require, a single cartridge may provide you with a week of injections.

Needles for Reusable Insulin Pens

Both disposable and reusable insulin pens use a pen needle. These needles are a lot cheaper than buying insulin syringes. For every injection, just screw on a new needle, dial in the dose you require, insert the needle into your skin, and press the button to administer the insulin.

How to Store Reusable Insulin Pens

While the insulin cartridges can be stored in your refrigerator before use, reusable pens should never be kept inside the refrigerator. The pens work best when stored at room temperature.

If a pen with a cartridge has been stored at room temperature for over 28 days, it is advised to dispose of the cartridge along with the remaining insulin, and use a fresh cartridge instead.

Consult your physician about reusable insulin pens to know which one is best for your condition.