Insulin pens were designed to allow patients to administer insulin to themselves in a fast, accurate, and safe manner. While there are millions of diabetic patients today who use these devices for their insulin doses, many users are not properly trained on their proper use.

In an article on the subject posted on the Check With Your Pharmacist website, the author points out that pharmacist who sell and health care providers who use insulin pens are inadequately trained in the use of these products. They also cause some confusion on patients who have to use these pens right out of the box.



The biggest challenge that insulin users face is that each type of insulin pen has slightly different instructions for use. While the whole process is the same, each pen looks different. Lilly, which produces the Humulin products, uses a different kind of pen than Novo-Nordisk does for its Novolin line. Toss in Sanofi which produces Lantus Solostar and you have instant confusion.

The author wrote that to ensure successful insulin delivery, the user needs to have a new pen needle, alcohol pads, and an insulin pen with the prescribed insulin type. Below is an excerpt from the guide on how to use an insulin pen correctly.

After ensuring that all the necessary items are gathered, it is time to prepare for the injection. The following steps are general in nature and will work with all manufacturers.

  • First take the cover off of the insulin pen to expose the tip where the needle screws on.
  • Next inspect the pen to ensure that the right insulin is being used.
  • Take a look at the insulin to make sure it is a consistent mixture throughout. If it is not, place the insulin pen flat between the palms of the hands and gently flip the palms over and over ten times.
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