Do you know that a tiny cap designed for most insulin pens can help remind you of your next insulin dose so you don’t have to skip it?

We tend to forget a lot of things everyday. Forgetting things like where you placed your keys, feeding the goldfish, leaving important papers at the office, or even taking your vitamins can be annoying but never life-threatening.

However, it is those repetitive everyday tasks that should be done religiously on time that end up being forgotten, tasks that are so routine and done on autopilot that they take a backseat inside the mind.

What if you forget to keep track of a daily activity that is critical to your health?

For a diabetic, missing an insulin dose can adversely alter their quality of life and expose them to more health risks which include poor coordination, headaches, skin infections, stomach problems, unconsciousness, and even coma. Injecting a double dose of insulin after missing an earlier one can produce the same harmful effect.

For these reasons, John Sjölund, a Type 1 diabetic himself since the age of three, teamed up with Marcel Botha and created Timesulin.

What is Timesulin and How Does It Work with Insulin Pens?



Timesulin is a small cap that fits most brands of insulin pens. It displays the time that has passed since you last administered a dose of insulin. Just replace the original cap of your insulin pen with Timesulin and you don’t have to miss an injection anymore.

Timesulin works with the following brands and models of insulin pens:

Timesulin for Flexpen®

  • Levemir
  • NovoRapid
  • Victoza
  • Protaphane HM (ge)
  • Novolog
  • Novolog Mix 70/30

Timesulin for Solostar®

  • Lantus
  • Apidra

Timesulin for Kwikpen®

  • Humalog
  • Humalog 75/25
  • Humalog 50/50

More than a third of all diabetics skip their doses. Timesulin is a device to help parents, the elderly, and young kids manage diabetes with less worry.

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