shift to insulin pensInsulin pens are used by about 95% of the people who inject insulin to manage their diabetes throughout Europe and Asia. This was in stark contrast to the United States, where a only small percentage of people use insulin pens.

In the last few years, however, insulin pens have rapidly grown in popularity in the USA, with 25% using pen devices for insulin delivery. It is expected that use of pens here will grow to match the rate in other developed nations.

The acceptance and preference of pen devices has incredibly accelerated. Whether you’re a diabetic who injects insulin, or a care giver, you will truly appreciate the pen device’s many benefits. They are much more discrete, comfortable, accurate and safe compared to traditional syringes and bottled insulin.

Insulin pens are easy and comfortable to use

  • A pen device is less for you to carry than syringes and bottled insulin.
  • It’s easier to use, especially if you have reduced vision or difficulty manipulating devices.
  • It’s more accurate for you to get the correct dose, particularly when you repeat doses.
  • It is more comfortable to inject. The pen needle does not get dulled when your syringe pierces the rubber septum on an insulin bottle.

Pen devices are discrete

  • You’ll find it is much more discrete to carry and use an insulin pen than syringes and vials of insulin.
  • Insulin pens make insulin therapy more socially acceptable, and avoid the stigma of syringes.
  • You’ll feel less conspicuous carrying a pen and more comfortable using it in public compared with using a syringe.

Premixed Insulin is now readily available

  • Several drug companies that manufacture insulin for pens now offer you a wide variety of premixed insulin. They are available in either cartridges or disposable pens.

Most insurance that covers syringes and vials now cover Insulin Pens

  • There was a time when some insurance companies only paid for syringes and vials. Today, most insurance companies pay for pen devices.
  • You need to check with your own insurance carrier to be certain they cover insulin pens.