Watch this video instruction guide from Owen Mumford if you own and use an Autopen Classic insulin pen.

Everyday around the world thousands of diabetes sufferers have to inject themselves with insulin. This could be made through the use of syringes or insulin pens. Since the introduction of the pen for a more convenient and accurate insulin delivery, droves of insulin users have made the switch from syringes to insulin pens.

Owen Mumford’s Autopen Classic have stood out as one of the favored choices among insulin pens. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Autopen Classic’s reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen can be used with all pen needle brands.
  • It makes injecting and handling easier with its patented side firing mechanisms.
  • Effortless Delivery. Only minimal force is required to deliver insulin, making the Autopen Classic the perfect device for children and patients with weak fingers and reduced dexterity.
  • Accurate insulin delivery. Its dose selector ensures that correct dosage has been set with the help of visual and audible indicators.
  • It is compatible with Lilly and Wockhardt 3ml insulin cartridges.
  • Autopen Classic makes the experience of insulin delivery easier, more convenient and more accurate.

Autopen Classic Instruction Guide

In this video instruction guide from Owen Mumford, you will first be advised to consult with a diabetes specialist for the best Autopen to suit you. You will learn how to use your Autopen Classic with ease and with accuracy.


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